Webhosting: The Five Things to Know before You Buy

There are so many web hosts on the internet, but each has its difference when it comes to services. But you need a good web host, whether it is for personal or business use. There are several types of web hosting, which include; dedicated good for large and high traffic websites, collocated with this type they let you host in the same location with the server, cloud, shared this type the website has its own domain and offer multiple software solutions.

Each facilitate different types of hosting, there is also free web hosting best for small sites with less traffic. The two differ only with the quality of services, with free web hosting the services are average while the other has high quality services.  Before buying always make sure that your needs are satisfied, and at an affordable rate. There are some considerations you should look at before you buy.

Security and speed

Security is very essential when it comes to web hosting, what happens if your domain is hacked. You might lose all the data that is necessary for the running of your business. You need to know the steps your web master will be taken to protect you from such damage. Confirm from your web host about their firewalls, PCI compliance and DDoS protection, they should be updated daily for maximum protection.

Another thing that you should consider is the speed and performance of the web host’s servers, whether it is a personal website or a business website speed is very essential. This is because most customers will move to the next site if the current is slow, this is a fact so always go for a web host with speed. When it comes to web hosting you need more bandwidth, these will cater for your ever increasing traffic. You won’t like a sluggish site, it discourages customers.

Accessibility, expansion and support

Also, before choosing a web host, consider how reliable and accessible they are. A web site with less down time will attract more customers, accessibility is very important to your customers. You don’t want customers to access you today, but tomorrow you won’t be accessible to serve them. Always research on the hosts down time, most hosts always claim over 95 percent up time which can be hard. Another consideration has been growth and expansion, what happens if your traffic increases. Does the speed and performance go down, or do you have to move to another web host.

With every business the first priority is the customer, the second priority is expanding and if the web host you are about to buy does not allow for expansion then you have a problem. The web host should explain what will happen when your business expands, or will your domain start slugging. Support is also very important, how quickly can the web host address an urgent problem. Local web hosting are better because they are easier to get to, rather than having to call abroad for help. Good customer support makes web hosting very easy.

The Top 10 Web Host Listing

With the number of web hosts increasing, it is very hard to know which web host is the best. How do you know which are top 10 web hosts, there are websites which review web host and list them. Web hosting is diverse with some venturing in reseller web hosting, shared web hosting, collocated web hosting, dedicated and free web hosting. Each type is different from the other, as the name suggests collocated web hosting is where you are located in the same area as the server.

Dedicated web hosting is mostly for a large organization with a large number of customers, they can handle the high traffic. Free web hosting is where you set up an account for free, but with this type there will be advertisements in your domain. Reseller web hosting is where you purchase disk space and bandwidth for reselling, is like buying at wholesale and then dividing and selling the small pieces to your own clients.

Web Host Availability


The top 10 web host would have the following characteristics, these are the considerations when listing web host. Availability and reliability, if a web host is not available most of the time or just for some days, then this would not be a top web host. Their uptime should be excellent, it should be beyond 99 percent. Ease of use is another consideration before a web host is listed, you find that the web hosts with ease of use is always listed as the best.

Clients do not like complicated domains, they require simple and easy to understand domains. Customer support is very important, and if you as a web host can’t provide the support required by your clients then your web hosting will always rank last. Some web hosts seems to forget client support, this is the most frustrating thing there is in web hosting. When the client’s domain is not responding and they can’t get the support they need. The top listed web hosts have the best customer service.

Features and Price

Before a web host is listed their features must be “weighted”, the disk space they offer and other features. This is because every business is expanding and if the web host cannot cater for the ever rising traffic, then they can’t rank as the top 10 web hosts. Speed is also very important when it comes to ranking web hosts, the domains they offer to their clients should be quick to access. Slow websites get very few visitors, if the site takes more than 5seconds to load, then the host can’t rank in the top ten.

Price is also considered when listing web hosts, if they are too expensive, they can’t rank as the best web host. The price should be considerably affordable to everyone, why should it be expensive and other hosts are offering the same services at a lower price. In conclusion the main reason for ranking web hosts is to enable clients, existing or new compare and evaluate their web hosts. When buying a domain go for the top listed web hosts.

Where to Buy the Best Reseller Web Hosting

There are many web hosts offering reseller web hosting, but how do you know which will offer you the best purchase price. What is reseller web hosting? What are the best reseller web hosting? Reseller web hosting offers you the chance to set up a web hosting business, under a name of your choice.

Mostly when you want to create a reseller account, you buy some amount of bandwidth and disk space. Which you may divide it later and sell it to your own customers, you choose the price, space and account limits you will offer. Usually this does not require a lot of knowledge in technical web hosting, the data center operator maintains hardware and network infrastructure. A reseller account comes with the following; WHMCS (client support, billing and management solutions), SSL reseller account, SSL for hosting account, domain reseller account and much more.

Client support


The best reseller web host always takes suggestions from their customers, most of the time customers have good suggestions. And if your reseller web host is not ready to listen to this suggestion, they are not willing to serve their customers. A good reseller web host should be able to personalize the client’s needs. The best place to buy the best reseller web hosting is from a web host with reliable and powerful servers.

A weak server means that it won’t be able to handle the traffic, and reselling this is quite hard because no one wants to have a slow domain. How reliable is the reseller web host, they should be available 24 hours per day and 7 days a week so that your client can access their domains. Do they have a customer support program, and how fast do they respond to the clients’ problem. They should be able to provide multi-language customer support.

Professionalism and price

Professional web hosts also offer best reseller web hosting, but how do you know if they are professional. Reviews are very important, because they give you a comparison. A web host with low rating is not a good place to buy a reseller account, always go for those with high ratings. The best way to get reviews is by word of mouth. Price is also very important, you are buying to sell at a profit and if they sell to expensive then how will you get any profit.

Buy from cheap web host because the best reseller web hosting requires a lot of advertising, in order to keep up with the competition in the market. Hosts with a money back guarantee also offer best reseller web hosting, if you are not satisfied you can request your money back. Look for a host with a user friendly control panel. Look at the features you will get with the reseller account, how large is the disk space, the bandwidth and can it handle unlimited domains. They should offer free billing software, this will show how dedicated they are to their clients.

Who Can Review A Web Host?

There are so many web hosting reviews on the internet nowadays, each claiming a certain web host is better than the others. But why is it that all these reviews do not point at the same web host, making it hard for individuals to know which web host to choose. Most of these reviews are not genuine, not everyone can review web host. Some are influenced by web hosts, so that they may claim that the web hosts are better. Reviewing web hosts require someone or organization that can review without bias, an organization that cannot be influenced and an independent organization.

Why review

The main reason for reviewing web hosts is to give consumers all the available web hosts, and how they are faring in the market. Giving you the lists of web hosts from the best, mostly they are rated according to the deals they are offering. The reviews should help you decide which web host will offer high quality services at the most affordable rate, and the one that meets your needs. A good reviewer should first research and evaluate on all the web hosts before giving a report. If you get good reviews then you will save time and money. Reviewing a web host is not easy, this is because you have to know the consumer experience while using the web host.

Reviews from Consumers and Experts


Consumers are always the best for reviewing web hosts, because they are in direct participation. They are more likely to know the pros and cons of the web host they are using to host. The other question that most people ask is, why should they be reviewed? But in reviewing web hosts are very important because it facilitates all the web hosts, discounts, offers and a list of most of the web hosts. Thus the consumer is able to compare, evaluate and thus take the best option.

Actually, consumers are the best to review web host, this is because they are able to compare the customer service of one over the other. But this does not include some of the reviews on the internet which are claimed to be from real consumers, this means the individuals you can see. Actually, if you have five neighbors or friends who are in different web hosting sites, you can get the best review. They can explain to you what their experience with each of their web host has been like, the word of mouth is far much better than some shallow reviews posted on the internet.

But this does not mean that all the reviews you get on the internet is biased, there are many websites with experts to review web host. These experts research on the services on all web hosts and give a comprehensive report. You do not want to base your decision on a website where all the reviews are based on a single individual, reviewing is not a one-man job so be cautious. In case you are in search for a web host, always consult from several friends and websites.

Which Are The Best Hostgator Coupons To Use?

From the several web reviews from review sites that have established trust among its users over reliability and unbiasedness over time, it is evident that Hostgator is the pinnacle of global web hosting rating from their reliability, speed, and technical support offered to clients as compared to any other web hosting.

Most of these top review sites have actually put Hostgator as best as per their reviews. The hosting company is well priced and with the best hostgator coupon codes one can easily enjoy huge discounts on the prices. These coupons are available on the company’s site for customers for various roles like being a new member or client, subscribing to their newsletter, or even participating in reviews and surveys. A coupon is defined as a document exchanged for financial transaction.

Coupons and marketing


They are a predominant marketing tool that encourages potential customers to buy a certain product. Traditionally, coupons have been used for the marketing of consumer goods, but with the dynamics of marketing, they are currently found in all fonts of products and services. Online marketing, especially in the technology services and air travel industries are key users of coupons. Hostgator is no different and with the best Hostgator coupons one is able to enjoy huge discounting on the cost of hosting a web site and other website related services offered by the company.

How to use a coupon

Hostgator coupons can be found in several site review sites and also on the company’s site. The best Hostgator coupons are found in the form of codes that you input when you are paying for hosting services. Using these codes is pretty simple using the following steps;

  1. Choosing the coupon code desired

The codes come in alphabets and numbers and one chooses the coupon that best fits their use from a month of free hosting service to as much as 50% discount on services. You copy or write down the code and then on your sign up you type it then to enjoy the discount.

  1. Using a coupon

After choosing a coupon, you move to the official Hostgator website and on the billing and SignUp page there is a coupon section where you type your coupon and validate it and then move on to start creating an account with Hostgator.

  1. Creating an account and billing cycles

When making an account with Hostgator one is required to choose a billing cycle. The policy is the bigger your billing cycle, the higher your discount rates become. Therefore, the best Hostgator coupons are those of long hosting cycles.

Why Hostgator is recommended

This is the web host that gives the best value for money. They have efficient, technology advanced and the most reliable equipment’s for web hosting. They have a high up time and they are suitable for high traffic and secure sites, especially the e commerce and database managed sites. They have easy to use control panel allowing their client to effectively manage their sites with no prior experience and offer them a 24/7 support when they get stuck.